If you've ever been completely surprised by God's plan and His gifts to your life, if you've ever stood back and said, "Whoa, didn't see that coming," then you have a little understanding of what if feels like to be Wundabread.

From the beginning God has had a plan for us. God's purpose was in place and we found ourselves privileged to enter in and discover one joy-filled moment after another.

Wundabread is a place where artists are welcome to come and be who they are...skills honed to the max or a bit uncertain about how to sing that note or play that chord. It's a place where the person is valued for who God has made them to be and given the space to grow into God's design.

Our desire is to help artists discover more about themselves and the gifts God has put in them, develop those gifts and use them "to reveal Jesus Christ to the church and the world."

We're a work in process and we know it...as much in need of you as you are of us.

Listen to our music and let us know what you think. Read some of the original drama and take a look at our Musical Theater offerings. Maybe there's something here for you...maybe you can offer something to us.

God bless you as you serve your Creator!